about us

History / Basic facts

As a family owned company since 1990, AUTOLAND ® has been developing and producing high quality car care products and automotive fluids. By offering a wide range of products and through effective brand management, AUTOLAND® is able to provide a complete solution to satisfy drivers’ needs, as well as serve diverse distribution channels and “private label” brands.

In order to further maintain repeatable quality of products and service levels, AUTOLAND® implemented quality management systems according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards already in the mid 90’s.

We are proud that AUTOLAND® has won many press awards from various well known Motor Magazines in Europe for several of its products over the years. AUTOLAND® also holds DEKRA® and TUV® certifications for product excellence and consistency.

In 2016, AUTOLAND® decided to approach the largest automotive market in the world, North America. Our products will be available online and, starting out slowly, in stores and through selected distributors.

Our goal is to help you to keep your car clean, shining and looking unique.

Magazine test results 2018! Motor Magazine, a Polish motoring weekly, released the results of their annual reader survey asking which car care and cosmetics brands were purchased most often and ranked highest in their latest annual Reader’s Choice edition.

This survey was an in-depth program of over 120 questions covering 7 categories of the automotive market in Poland, one of those being car care products and cosmetics. The resulting response rate was unexpectedly high – 144,000 responses came in. Motor has been running these surveys, inspired by the organizations like JD Power and Consumer Reports, since 2013.

And in the results for car care and a car cosmetics, Maguire’s won with a decisive margin but more importantly for us, Autoland came in practically tie with second ranked Sonax, a brand many times larger than Autoland and well known around the world. More so, Autoland scored higher by a solid margin ahead of Turtle Wax and Wurth, also well known world brands from the US and Germany.

This is the quality we are bringing to the USA. In 2016, we hired a brand designer from Nike to  help us prepare the branding and packaging for the North American markets. You can see this in our unique approach to product presentation – from soft packs for wipes to trigger sprayers that spray upside down and at any angle, we want to set ourselves apart to proudly proclaim who we are and what our products can do for our customers.

We are also a progressive thinking company and environmentally friendly. Our wipes are bio degradable and have received the certifications from TUV. Our packaging complies with Europe’s strict standards for environmental friendliness and we are proud that we can offer this to this segment.

Historical timeline


End of Communism, Company starts up with a portfolio of 10 products.


Receive ISO 9001 and 14001 Certification, portfolio is now 55 products.


Autoland continues its development and investment increasing the portfolio of to over 100 products, additionally, Autoland starts producing under brand name for such brands as BP, Shell, Statoil, and JET.


Autoland’s wheel care products receives recommendation from wheel manufacturer AEZ, one of the largest and most prominent manufacturers in Europe. Their logo figures prominently on every bottle of wheel cleaner we produce.


Autoland’s hard wax for car bodies receives the esteemed DEKRA certificate for quality.


Autoland’s Tire Puncture Repair product wins the Auto Świat (Auto World) test in the Nr 42/2014 issue.


Autoland’s Cockpit wipes (dashboard wipes) receive the certificate from TUV.


Autoland has expanded its business to the USA and the number of products now available increases to over 30 including the car and motorcycle care ranges.