Bumper, Side Trim, Plastic Parts Cleaner

No. NOT AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA YETCapacity: 170ml (5.98 oz)
Body care / Chrome and trim
  • Glossy, showroom shine
  • Protects against extreme temperatures
  • Prevents fading


Premium quality Bumper and Trim Cleaner is specially formulated to restore showroom shine to bumpers, side trim, mirror housings, spoilers and more. The active wax formula cleans and revives original color and protects against dirt build-up. Contains a UV filter to protect finish in extreme temperatures and guard against fading. Easy-to-use sponge applicator. Also great for plastic garden furniture.  

How to use

  1. Shake well.
  2. Apply with sponge applicator, spreading thoroughly over entire area to be cleaned.
  3. Let dry

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