Dashboard Wipes - shiny finish

Capacity: 25 wipes, 24x22cm (Approx. 8 in. x 10 in.)
Interior care / Cockpit and plastic

  • For a “just detailed” finish
  • Formulated with natural beeswax
  • Anti-static dust protection


These high quality, advanced conditioning Dashboard Wipes contain natural beeswax to help give your dash that “just detailed” look. Easily remove dust and debris without damage to plastic, rubber, vinyl or other delicate surfaces to restore your dashboard’s original appearance. Dashboard Wipes clean thoroughly without any sticky residue and always leave a fresh, clean scent. The rich conditioners intensify and deepen the color of your dash and provide anti-static protection that repels dust for days. Allergen free/non-irritating; lint free and contain a UV filter for added protection.

How to use

Wipe down entire dash, using multiple wipes as necessary. Polish until desired effect is achieved. Wipe surfaces with a dry cloth immediately after cleaning as desired. Reseal package after each use.

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