Dynagel 2000+ Antifreeze

No. NOT AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA YETCapacity: 1l (33.81 oz), 5l (1.32 gal)
Automotive fluid / Antifreeze

DYNAGEL 2000+ “Long life” with extended product life can be used for all models and types of cars, vehicles and light trucks. Specifically designed for modern sophisticated engines protecting the entire cooling system, including radiators and water pumps from damaging effects and overheating. Guarantees protection for 5 years or 1 000 000 km.

Fulfils standards: G12++.

IT CAN BE MIXED WITH OTHER KINDS AND COLOURS OF ANTIFREEZE (based on ethylene glycol) without changing its protective properties. Based on Organic Acid Technology prevents corrosion and helps keep the cooling system run more efficiently. Recommended for all types of aluminum, cast iron and alloy car cooling systems. 

* 5 year or 1 000 000 km guarantee is valid when only DYNAGEL 2000 antifreeze is used in car cooling system and when it is also used to top up.


Boiling point of 110°C ensures proper operation of cooling system and full protection against overheating even in a extreme conditions.


Freezing point -37°C guarantees full protection of entire cooling system.


Fulfils standards of the following manufacturers:
VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA (TL 774 G),  MERCEDES BENZ 325.6, FORD (ESE M97B49-A, WSS-M97B44-D &ESD M97 B49-A), OPEL GM (QL130100), RENAULT (41-01-001-D), VOLVO, CHRYSLER (MS 9176), GM (1899 M, US 6277 M), MAN (324 Typ Si-OAT 248 & B&W D 36 5600), JOHN DEERE (H 24 B1 & C1), LEYLAND TRUCKS (LTS 22 AF 10), MACK (014GS 17004), CUMMINS (85T8-2 & 90T8-4), SCANIA TB145, MTU MTL5048.

Fulfils also standards: 
ASTM D3306, ASTM D 4985, SAE J 1034, BS 6580 (2010), AFNOR NF R15- 601, CUNA NC 956-16,UNE 26361 – 88, JIS K 2234, NATO S 759.

How to use

Before changing the antifreeze check the manufacturers instructions and advise referring to the operation of the cooling system contained in the vehicles instruction manual.

  1. Empty and rinse the cooling system with clean water when the engine is not running and cold.
  2. Check if all the clamps and connections are tight and leak free.
  3. Fill the system with antifreeze up to the certain level, as instructed by the vehicle manufacturer. Close the reservoir inlet.
  4. Start the engine and let it run for several minutes, turn the heating on.
  5. Stop the engine, check the antifreeze level and top up if necessary.
  6. During operation replenish any antifreeze losses with DYNAGEL 2000+. In an emergency situation small losses in summer can also be replenished with distilled water.

Do not forget to check the level of antifreeze and condition of the cooling system at least once a month and before every longer trip.


Around the cooling system of a modern car engine about 130 litres of coolant is circulated each minute. Dynagel2000+® prevents scale formation and increases the coolant boiling point to around 110 °C, scale does not block the narrow channels in the car cooling system and the liquid protects against overheating in the summer and is also a very effective antifreeze down to -37C. Because the coolant comes into contact with different types of materials and its high working temperature and pressure can create perfect conditions for rust and cavitation, if a substandard coolant is used. Dynagel2000+® protects parts including cylinder heads, liners and water pumps.
The colour helps to easily find a leackage in a cooling system. Some car manufacturers specify the colour of the coolant. However a coolant can not be identified as far as the chemical and technical properties of the coolant only by its colour.
It has to be changed every 5 years or 1 mln kilomitres (whichever comes first). The reason is due to the additives contained are gradually broken down. It is very important to clean the cooling system and completely renew the coolant whenever it is repaired. This prevents rust and suspended particles left behind in the system from causing formation of scale and corrosion.
Absolutely no, it is a chemical substance. Used coolants must be disposed of in a legal and environmentally friendly way.
Absolutely no. Undiluted coolants can freeze in winter and have no capacity to absorb heat from car engines in the summer. Dynagel2000+® concentrate always has to be diluted before use as described on our company website.
We recommend using demineralized or distilled water. If necessary tap water can be used to dilute provided if not harder than 3 mmol/l.
New vehicles are usually filled with engine coolants which meet certain criteria when they leave the factory. Coolants can be replaced during the guarantee period without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty. No particular engine coolants are specified by vehicle manufacturers. Dynagel2000+® fully meets all specifications and standards of the most leading car manufacturers as described. For more information on Coolant/Antifreeze, view the product page or visit our Contact page to ask us a question.
Dynagel2000+® has no expiry date providing it is kept in its original sealed packaging.
Dynagel2000+® can be mixed with other coolants which are based on monoethylenoglicol. However, we do not recommend this as each coolant contains different combinations of additives and mixing them can decrease the overall performance and have a negative influence on the level of protection.
It is not recommend by us. Dynagel2000+® was developed and tested for use in modern automotive cooling systems.

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