ULTRA Dash Towel

No. 141000199Pieces: 1 towel, 40cm x 47cm (approx 16 in. X 18 in.)
Interior care / Multi-purpose
  • Quick & easy—cleans the whole interior
  • Ideal for travelling


High-quality microfiber towel is perfect for cleaning your car’s entire interior. Cleans all smooth and textured surfaces with streaking or dripping: dashboard, headliner, plastic gauge covers, seats, floor mats – even upholstery and carpet. Leaves your car smelling clean and fresh. Quick and easy to use, the ULTRA Towels are great for travelling. Contains a UV filter. Disposable gloves included. 

How to use

  1. Vacuum interior to remove heavy or loose soil.
  2. Fold towel to fit your hand.
  3. Clean lightly soiled surfaces like the headliner, seats and dashboard first, then wipe down more soiled areas.
  4. Fold multiple times and use both sides of the towel for best performance.
  5. Wipe glass and other smooth surfaces with a clean dry cloth immediately after using.
  6. Wash and reuse as a cleaning cloth.


  • Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in extreme temperatures.

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