ULTRA Wax Towel

No. 129000199Pieces: 1 towel, 40cm x 47cm (approx. 16 in. x 18 in.)
Body care / Paint
  • Quick and easy—use after washing
  • Durable, glossy shine


High quality microfiber Ultra Wax Towel is specially designed to give your car a glossy shine without extensive polishing. It’s a quick way to shine your just-washed car and protect the finish in all weather, from extreme heat to ice and snow. Removes dirt and water left in hard-to-access places like door sills and trunk lids. No streaking or smudging. Contains UV filters to protect against sun damage. Recommended after every car wash. Disposable gloves included. 

How to use

  1. Fold towel to fit your hand.
  2. Wipe down the washed and dried car surface, starting at the roof.
  3. Fold multiple times and use both sides of the towel for best performance.
  4. Wash and reuse as a cleaning cloth.


  • Do not use on hot surfaces or in direct sunlight.
  • Do not store in extreme temperatures.

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