Universal hand & surface cleaning liquid - BIO-CLEAN MAX

No. 108210899Capacity: 750ml
Disinfecting products / Hands & Surfaces Disinfection
  • 70% alcohol content
  • leaves surfaces hygienically clean


Universal liquid for cleaning hands and surfaces. Based on a formula which contains a mixture of ethanol and isopropanol alcohol. Leaves surfaces hygienically clean, without the need for water, soap or rinsing! For cleaning hands and multi surfaces including automotive exterior and interior. Can also be used for cleaning: worktops, tiles, bathrooms and kitchen elements etc. Removes most dirt and contamination, de-greases, evaporates quickly leaving a smudge free finish. Contains glycerin which helps maintain hydration and reduces skin dryness.

How to use

Hand cleaning:
Apply 3-5ml on dry, clean hands. Rub thoroughly for at least 30 seconds, allow to dry, do not rinse. For external use only. Do not use on damaged or irritated skin.

Surface cleaning:
ATTENTION. Due to the different types of materials from which the cleaned surfaces are made, the product compatibility must always be checked on a hidden part of the surface to be cleaned before using. Following the instructions as described below. Particular attention should be paid to components made of varnished plastics and leather before use. Do not use until you are completely sure that no negative impact will occur.

Apply the product directly onto the surface and leave for 5 minutes. Keep the cleaned surfaces moist during this time, use more liquid if necessary. Surfaces in contact with food after cleaning must rinse with drinking water. Store in a closed container.