Upholstery Wipes - with active foam

Capacity: 25 wipes, 24x22cm (Approx. 8 in. x 10 in.)
Interior care / Upholstery and roof-lining
  • Works on carpet and upholstery
  • Removes dirt and stains
  • Great for travel


Rich-foaming wipes remove stubborn stains from interior carpet and fabrics on your car’s seats, door panels, seat covers and more. Scrub away everyday dirt and grime plus tough stains like coffee, cola, chocolate and ketchup. Leaves a fresh, clean fragrance; won’t fade colors, smudge or leave lint behind. Keep a pack in the glove box to clean up spills fast. Also great for home use.

How to use

Wipe entire surface, scrubbing if necessary. Use multiple wipes if needed to clean completely. Reseal package after each use.

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