Vehicle A/C and interior refresher

No. NOT AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA YETCapacity: 200ml (6,76 oz)
Interior care / Air-conditioning
  • easy-to-use lock & leave system
  • refreshes vehicle A/C and interior
  • removes unpleasant odours


Refreshes vehicle interior, air conditioning and ventilation system, roof liner, under seats and all other hard-to-reach areas by using your car's A/C recirculation system all while leaving a pleasant, fresh scent in its place. In 15 minutes, without tools and the need for disassembly, removes unpleasant odours of mold, tobacco smoke and animal origin.

Available in three scents: fresh, mango and oriental.

How to use

  1. Open all ventilation vents to maximum, make sure all the windows are closed.Turn on the ventilation system to maximum (internal cooling) for 15 minutes. Take out the cigarette lighter and turn on the ignition.

  2. Shake the container well and insert into the designed space in the packaging provided and put it behind the driver seat (the seat has to be in the moved back as far s posssible). Push the valve until it locks, leave the vehicle and close all the doors.

  3. Wait for 15 minutes. Turn off the ventilation system, remove the container and air the car.

During applying smoking and naked flames are forbidden. Air cabin filters should be  changed according to the car manufacturers manual. We recommend cleaning the air conditioning system twice a year.